Easy to track AQUATOOLS filter maintenance action plans 

AQUATOOLS presents its FILT'RAY Scan App dedicated to the secure management of the points-of-use and the rigorous tracking of maintenance procedures for FILT'RAY filters.


FILT'RAY filters have a maximum lifespan of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months depending on the reference. They therefore need to be replaced periodically.

FILT'RAY Scan is a mobile App which can be accessed via secure log-in from a tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. 
Once each point-of-use has been assigned an identifier (the room number, for example), the software allows the user to track: the number of days remaining before the filter needs to be replaced; organise servicing and maintenance procedures; define authorised users; and archive maintenance activity.

FILT'RAY Scan is a relevant tool that fits perfectly into the healthcare recording system.

Filt'Ray Scan Smartphones
Filt'Ray Zoom
  • Customised and secure platform
  • Automatic SMS or e-mail alerts with a reminder to replace filters
  • Full traceability for replacing FILT'RAY filters
  • Scans and integrates filter data automatically
  • Monitors the number of days remaining before a filter needs replacing
  • Organises maintenance activity
  • Possible to create ADMIN and TECH accounts with different types of data access
  • Defined authorised users
  • Saves and sends reports in Excel and PDF formats

Download the App:

Download the App
  • Download the App on Android.
  • Download the App on iOS.

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